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  • Maintenance of certification is a relatively new addition to the education and training requirements facing physicians. Not all of them are happy about it — even as medical organizations are incorporating MOC programs into their conferences as a way to better serve attendees.
  • These six cities are going to great lengths to make sure that convention centers are well integrated into their surrounding communities.

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    We're now on year two of using Ai's Logistics system and it's been great. We've had excellent feedback from our internal staff using the Function Request form as well as our vendor's who are logging into the system to run reports and print function...

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    Hi everyone - I am looking for innovative ways to effectively increase nursing community interest and attendance at a medical meeting. The specialty is pluri-disciplinary and multi-professional but not attracting the appropriate number of nurses. This...

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    Trisha, you are looking at it the correct way. ASH requires that the individual register for the meeting first before a letter of invitation is extended to them. We use an automated process as part of our registration so it is not labor intensive....

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